Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodies From Afar...

Yesterday felt like Christmas for me.

I ordered my gifts from Novica and was told they would get to me between September 13th and September 20th.  So, like a normal person (who never gets their mail in a timely manner), I expected to receive these items on or around September 21st. When my door bell rang, I was shocked to see the Fed Ex guy holding some packages for me!  I quickly signed for them and ran inside.

Want to see what I ordered??

Two Condiment Cups (from Bali)

Aren't those little Lizards so cute??

Pearl Earrings (from Thailand)

My first Pearl earrings...

And a Shoulder Bag (also from Thailand)

I know, It needs to be ironed... I couldn't help my self !  Iron, Schmiron!

I am so happy with these gifts!! They are beautiful and well made.  They were wrapped up so beautifully, I would love to order some gifts from Novica for my family.

Thanks so much, Ricky and Novica, for giving me the opportunity to see what your company is all about!  It couldn't be any better.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.   :)

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** I was too excited to wait and iron the bag, and we had to errands to run so I threw my wallet and such in the bag and left!  And you know what? Those pesky wrinkles fell out on their own!  Score!! **

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NanaDiana said...

What wonderful things you found there! Love that bag-so cute~ Nice to see you back posting- xo Diana