Friday, October 21, 2011

Sign for Kiddo's Room

Blame it on the Pinterest....

I saw a sign (if you are on Pinterest, you know the sign I am talking about) and I really wanted to recreate it for my daughter's room.  The quote on the inspiration sign was from the song, "A Bushel and a Peck", which is a song I sing to my daughter.  It was a song my mother and grandmother both sung to me.  I can't stop giggling when I hear my daughter singing it to her stuffed Piggy (her favorite toy).  :)

Trying to avoid any accidents, I decided this sign would not be made out of anything heavy (like wood).  I just know since my daughter helped me make it, she would probably touch it a ba-gillion times, and I do not want it falling off the wall on her.  Besides, I could make it wicked light and cheap by using foam poster-board.  Done and done.

I used my new Cricut and some cheap-o vinyl shelf liner to make up all the wording.  I used the only font cartridge I have- the Cricut's Don Juan.  I spray painted the board Heritage white to match her bedroom furniture.  Then when it dried, I carefully stuck the vinyl letters on.  (I probably should have used a ruler, instead I just eyeballed the letter placement. )  Then, I got out three colors of acrylic paint (They all match her bed quilt.) and we got to work with some painted hand prints.  Because I am impatient, I used my blow-dryer to dry the different layers of paint.  By the time the paint was dry, Kiddo had finally finished washing her hands, and we continued painting with the next color.

After all three paint layers were on and completely dry, I carefully peeled off the vinyl.  Now, all I have left to do is it hang it up!  I have a trick up my sleeve (ok, truthfully, from Pinterest again. ) on how to hang this picture.  I will post more on that one later. :)

BTW:  I had the paints on hand.  The poster board cost about $2.50 and the roll of vinyl was $2.  Not too shabby!  :)

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Uncle Tractor said...

You are a great Mom! What a great sign. Mom and I still love you a 'bushel and a peck'! - Dad

Gypsy Heart said...

I love it! I can only imagine how much fun she had doing all the hand prints. :-) Getting dirty hands on purpose is a thrill I'm sure!

Great job my friend.

starsunflowerstudio said...

Aww that's so cuute! Very fun project - love it! :)

nancy said...

a beautiful picture made by two special and beautiful girls.

love mom

Anonymous said...

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Meg said...

That's such a great idea! Grandparents everywhere would LOVE it!